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worker training/team testing day

In the interest of training up new workers for core positions at rallies, Team O’Neil is setting the Sunday before New England Forest Rally aside as a worker training day. But to make it a true “training” day, we need rally teams to run the route!

If there are teams interested in “testing” before the rally, this is your shot. We will not be charging for this “testing” but we do ask that at the end of the day each team participating provide “spank me” rides to the workers who have been training all day.

Here’s the deal.

We will try to run the “testing” like a real rally. This will give you a chance to shake down your equipment (both machine and human) before the event and help us train workers, so rallies can continue. Teams will be running a route that is contained totally on the Team O’Neil facility and should be around 3 miles long. There will be no just “going hot” we are trying to maintain a rally format for training purposes, while allowing some teams some free time to test equipment. You will be running at speed and the only format we have for the facility are routebook style!

You will be allowed to bring a crew should there be bugs to work out while “testing”.

WORKERS: We will be training all aspects, starts, finishes, MTC’s marshaling, radio. If you are an experienced workers and wish to come out to help train, please feel free, the more the better.

Questions/comments/sign up rallykat158 at yahoo dot com

Thanks,  Kathy