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Update from Tim O’Neil on Spectator Locations at NEFR16

By July 1, 2016News

Update from Tim O’Neil on Spectator Locations at NEFR16


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about why there seems to be less public spectating locations at NEFR16. The short answer is that because we use private land, we need to adhere to the wishes of the landowners who let us borrow their roads. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of risk in having rally cars barreling across your land – add to it the possibility of a spectator being injured or causing property damage and the risk increases exponentially. Many landowners (including Sunday River) can’t lend us their land due to stipulations in their insurance policies. Others won’t lend us their land because they’ve have had complaints about spectators speeding, drinking & driving, blocking private driveways and leaving trash. Some landowners are happy to host the race but not spectators.

We wish that our fans could enjoy the action on every stage but it’s just not possible this year.

We aren’t publishing the locations of non-public stages because we need to control access per landowners instructions. We’ll be posting volunteers and turning cars away when necessary.  Please – don’t be the person who breaks the rules and loses us yet another road. Returning fans should also know that because we’ve lost roads, many of the stages we’ve run in the past are gone and new ones have been added.

The best way to ensure that NEFR grows and that we are able to secure better roads that allow spectators is to respect the wishes of our current partners/landowners. The more that we can show them that our fans, volunteers and competitors respect their land, the better our chance at getting additional spectator locations next year.

Everyone at NEFR and Rally America is grateful for your support and we hope you have a great time at NEFR16 and for many years to come.

Tim O’Neil
NEFR Chairman 

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