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The Final Stage Took Out Many of the Top Competitors

By July 18, 2010News

The final stage of the Rally at Fish Pond was anything but boring Saturday afternoon, with the stage taking out many of the top competitors.

First out of the stage was Travis Pastrana, although he had a strong start, he was soon taken out at mile six of the stage due to mechanical problems and was not able to finish the rally.

Shortly after that another incident occurred when Andrew Comrie-Picard’s Mitsubishi Evolution X suffered an exhaust leak that melted his shifter cables and wiring causing him to not be able to finish the race

Before the awards ceremony I caught up Alessandro Gelsomino to find out why he and Ken Block had to withdraw from racing the final stages of the rally.

“It was a mechanical failure that occurred about two miles from the end of the stage. We managed to clear the stage with no power steering.”