Team O’Neil Regional Cash Purse
2018 Info…Check Back For 2019!

The organizers of the New England Forest Rally (NEFR) are happy to announce the newly created Team O’Neil Rally School Cash Purse focused on rewarding grassroots regional competitors. The cash awards total $6,000 with a single competitor capable of winning as much as $1,900.

The purpose of this prize is to support teams with less resources and give spectators the best possible show with teams in the middle of the field. $6,000 will be given out to teams at the regional podium.

Stage Wins for NA4WD, O2WD and L2WD ($2,100 in total):

A cash prize will be given out to three classes NA4WD, O2WD and L2WD for the top three stage times in each class of the “Concord Pond” stage (first running) on Friday, July 20, 2018.

1st Place: $400

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $100

New Hampshire Regional NA4WD, O2WD and L2WD Overall Results ($3,000 in total)

For the New Hampshire Regional Rally (Day 2 of NEFR, Saturday, July 21, 2018) the overall top 3 places of NA4WD, O2WD and L2WD will each receive:

1st Place: $600

2nd Place: $300

3rd Place: $100

This will be on culminative times for the entire day and must finish the rally.

Longest haul, Free Entry ($900)

The regional team (any class) that starts the rally the furthest away from Sunday River Resort (15 South Ridge Road Newry, ME 04261) will be returned their entry fee.

Teams must use their rally car registration with home address to be eligible for this prize. Google Maps “Shortest Distance” will be used to determine longest haul.

Details of the cash purse: 

Regional only teams are only eligible for the cash prizes. National and Dual Entries are not eligible for cash prizes.

Any Dual entered competitors will not be counted for payout standings. For example if a dual entered team places 1st they will not receive any money and the 1st place payout will be given to the highest finishing team that is solely entered as a regional competitor.

Payout will be done at the final podium Saturday night. We ask that teams be present at the regional awards ceremony for payouts.

Official results posted at the end of the rally will be the only times that count, including all assessed penalties.

New England Forest Rally reserves the right to not award any cash payments to any team for any reason. Unsportsmanlike conduct and O-Control penalties could disqualify teams from the cash purse. NEFR supplied visual packages will be required to pass tech and remain in place during the entire rally.