Some of the positions we need to have filled are:

Road Marshal

A Road Marshal is assigned a junction where a side road joins the rally stage and is responsible for making sure that no unauthorized people or vehicles enter the stage at that junction. This is one of the most important positions for ensuring safe operation of the rally, while, at the same time, it is also one of the easiest positions for a novice rally volunteer to perform.

Time Control Marshal

A Time Control Marshal is assigned a position at the start or finish of each stage and notes the time that the rally competitor arrives at their position in a log and on the time card that the competitors carry with them. The competitors must pass through these stage time controls, as well as when entering or exiting the service area and at the beginning and end of each leg of the rally. There are additional specific tasks associated with the type of the time control that the marshal is assigned to. While it is ideal for an experienced rally volunteer to work these positions, the tasks that need to be performed are simple enough that a novice rally volunteer should be able to pick them up quickly.

Spectator Area Marshal
A Spectator Area Marshal is assigned one of the spectator areas along the rally stages and is responsible for making sure that the spectators viewing the rally there do not put themselves in harm’s way. Instruction will be provided concerning what constitutes safe and unsafe rally spectating. Similar to the Road Marshal, these positions are important for keeping people safe, while, at the same time, being relatively easy for a novice rally volunteer to perform.

Specialized Positions

There are a number of positions that require specific training, licensing or experience. Among these are Ham Radio Operators, Emergency Medical Technician, Vehicle Extraction and Recovery and Technical Scrutineer.

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