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Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Rally volunteers needed for NEFR!

By June 26, 2014May 6th, 2015News, Volunteer Announcements
If you volunteer, you can see this up close. Blurry fast.

If you volunteer, you can see this up close. Blurry fast.

Without volunteers, there would be no NEFR.

Scary thought, isn’t it.

That’s why NEFR needs you to help the event run, run smoothly, and be the best it’s ever been. NEFR needs EMTs, HAM radio operators, spectator control marshals, service area attendants, corner marshals, sign hangers, caution tape putter-uppers and everything in between.

The logistics involved in planning a local event like the New England Forest Rally is a colossal undertaking that takes years of planning, years of establishing relationships with local towns and landowners, and literally hundreds of volunteers.

Rally people are an adventurous sort.

Rally volunteers take that adventure to a whole other level.


Volunteering at NEFR brings you that much closer to a unique event. It’s literally hands-on. You could be working a corner, checking teams into the service area after a hot stage, working a time control, or helping to pull a crashed competition car out of a swamp in the middle of the Maine woods. How would that be for some water-cooler conversations at the office on Monday?

“Hey Bob, what did you do this weekend?”

“Oh, I watered the lawn and reorganized my silverware drawer. How about you?”

“Not much. Just helped scrutineer a $100,000 Subaru in an alpine Sno-Cat shack, wrangled some spectators in the Great North Woods, watched some rally cars scream through the forest at 100 mph, then had a barbecue slope-side at Sunday River Ski Resort under a cloud of champagne spray from the winner’s podium.”

How’s that for cool?

So what do you get other than endless memories and mosquito bites? A wicked cool shirt, a goodie bag and some first-hand knowledge of the this little sport we call Rally.

Ready to make some stories? Then sign up here to volunteer and we’ll be in touch soon!

And remember: “We always enjoy ourselves!”