Overview of NEFR 2015

July 17 & 18, 2015

With 2015, the New England Forest Rally sees a return to the Magalloway Plantation and the “Classic” Sturtevant Pond/Fish Pond Stages. We have the best of both worlds as we also return to the smooth and twisty stages first used in our past year’s event. We will be enjoying a full two days of rallying and 120 stage miles of competition. We have again been very fortunate that the major land owners are allowing us to use their forests for our pleasure and we thank them for their generosity. Please know that the advance planning of a rally of this size and scope takes a tremendous amount of effort on the part of a small number of people who have to work with many landowners, land managers, and businesses, as well as town, county and state officials. Our goal is to produce a rally that will keep the doors open for us for years to come, providing us a variety of options for stage roads and thereby allowing us to change up the rally a little each year.

Friday’s Maine Regional Rally and Day 1 of the New England Forest Rally

Friday’s Service will be at Sunday River, with cars returning there after a much earlier scheduled Concord Pond stage. Again this year, Concord Pond’s stage time had to be changed to take place earlier in the day in order to satisfy town official’s concerns about the safety of spectators and drivers. Excessive alcohol consumption by spectators has led to some serious safety issues, and it is the hope of the rally and the town that moving the stage once more to an earlier time will reduce those issues. Sunday River will once again provide buses to Concord Pond for $10 per person; however, tickets will be sold Friday morning from Sunday River’s booth at the Rally Village, and the bus will leave from there at about 10 am, returning to the village after the stage is over.

Saturday’s New Hampshire Regional Rally and Day 2 of the New England Forest Rally

Due to our careful use of the Plum Creek and Wagner Forest lands last year we have been given permission once more to conduct our rally on their land. Along with the 7 Islands Land we have “historically” used in the past, we have a fantastic second day planned for everyone. Buses will leave Sunday River early on Saturday morning to access the more southerly locations for a fee of $15 per person. The Fish Pond Spectator area that has been used for many years will again be accessible by car and will be a free entry. Free buses will be ready to take you from the Fish Pond Spectator area into the twisty turns that are the legendary parts of our event.

Of course there is a VIP Bus package available for those that don’t want to rough it quite so much.

For Your Entertainment: Rally Village, Après-Rally Activities

We are excited about the Rally Village, where you’ll find a variety of exhibits and vendors, plus there will be a number of “extracurricular” things to do throughout the weekend. Friday evening the competitors cars return for a major service which is open to the public. Participants and Spectators are also free to try out the many fine dining establishments in the area. Saturday night we urge you to come celebrate the finish of the rally “slopeside” with a winners’ Champagne Spray and Regional and National Awards Ceremony. Sunday River will host a pig roast and awards will follow.

We look forward to seeing you all at what is expected to be a really great event!