We want you to be safe and have a great weekend.  For the most updated information, visit our NEFR HQ/Information booth at Rally Village or follow us on Instagram or Facebook (New England Forest Rally). Tag all your content with the hashtag #NEFR23.

The 2023 Spectator Guide has the event schedule and spectator locations!


Plan Your Day. Don’t show up a few minutes before the rally starts and expect to get out onto a stage. Not every stage offers public spectating (which is why you might want to consider the Rally Bus). Other stages have designated parking areas so you may have to walk to a suitable location. Don’t assume that everything works the same as it did last year or the year before. Check the schedule and maps for updated information.

Cell Phone Service. Cell service in the areas where we race is hit or miss – don’t assume you’ll have service.

Bring as much water, bug spray, food and sunscreen necessary and don’t forget to bring something to sit on. Some stages have porta potties near spectator locations but at other locations, you’re on your own.  Please carry out your trash. Remember that dirt and gravel roads can get extremely dusty or in the case of rain, become extremely muddy. Plan your attire and supplies accordingly.

If you decide to drive yourself to one of the public stages: 1. Consider carpooling – parking is extremely limited. 2. Give yourself plenty of time and arrive at least one hour before the stage is set to start – entrance is not guaranteed. Once the stage is closed to spectators, you’re out of luck.


Spectating at a rally when cars are going up to 100+mph on loose gravel and dirt is dangerous. ALWAYS OBEY MARSHALS’ INSTRUCTIONS.  We’re strict with rules for your protection and to ensure that we adhere to the wishes of the private landowners that make the rally possible.

The Basics:

  • Pick your vantage point carefully. High on a hill or in an elevated position on the inside of a corner is best.
  • Be alert at all times and have a plan to get out of the way if necessary
  • Never turn your back on rally car traffic unless you have someone spotting for you
  • Don’t stand on or cross the stage road after the first course opening car has gone through
  • Don’t sit/stand below the level of the road
  • Don’t block escape routes
  • Be aware that rally cars kick up large amounts of dust, dirt and gravel – use caution!
  • Carry out all your trash

Don’t attempt to exit until the sweep vehicle has gone through and declared the course open. Even if you calculate that the final rally car has come through, it is not safe to exit until the sweep goes through

Be aware that all kinds of circumstances can cause a stage to start late – that includes spectator behavior. Please be respectful of our landowners – we are their guests.


Fans are encouraged to join the celebration and champagne spray at the awards ceremony presented by American Rally Association.