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Getting Involved in Rally

By July 26, 2010News

Last week at NEFR during the awards ceremony I caught up with Kristin Przybysz, a fellow Mainer, to find out how she got her start in Rallying.

“I discovered Rally online and knew I definitely wanted to be involved, so I volunteered for the summer and winter events. I worked and made connections”

One of those connections being Travis Pastrana’s co-driver Christian Edstrom, “Christian thought I definitely had what it takes to be a co-driver. He taught me all about co-driving.”

After much hard work Kristin finally got the chance to be a co-driver in a rally event. ”During the Oregon Trail Rally I was finally given the chance to sit in and co-drive when last minute a team’s co-driver bailed. From there I co-drove in rally cross events. I was a co-driver for 5 years.”

When asked what is what like to switch from Co-driving to Driving in an event Kristin said “It’s actually easier! Being co-driver helped me to get used to the rhythm of the event. It helped me get used to the notes and the technical aspects of rallying, so when it came time to drive in the event I was less stressed.”

When asked who helped inspire her to start driving Kristin said, “Tim O’Neil was a huge inspiration and mentor. He taught me a lot.”

For more information on Tim O’Neil’s rally school in Dalton, NH check out