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Mark your calendar, NEFR 2018: July 20-21, 2018
(Info below from 2017, stay tuned for 2018 updates)

This year’s New England Forest Rally (NEFR) will be held as a Friday/Saturday event counting toward the American Rally Association National Championship series.

Sunday River will have a “RALLY VILLAGE” display area on both Friday & Saturday.  If you have sponsors or know of other companies who would like to be vendors or set up an exhibit at the village, please contact Karl Stone [].



Notice to all NEFR Participants:

New England Performance Rally, LLC (NEPR) has worked very hard over the years with various landowners in the region to obtain and keep the right to use their land for stage roads.  One must remember that many of these stage roads are private, active logging roads.  Logging trucks are paid to deliver logs.  To do so safely they travel the middle of the road and cannot maneuver to avoid a vehicle they do not expect to see on the road.  Every landowner has made it very clear that, if we have a repeat of past problems – that is, trespassing – their land will be closed to us for good.  No more New England Forest Rally.

NEPR has agreed to notify all Participants – Drivers, Crew and Workers.  The landowners’ roads are CLOSED at all times throughout the year except for date & times approved for the NEFR.  Anyone found on the roads at any other time will be banned from competing in NEPR Rallies.  If you desire to use any of these landowners’ roads for testing, you must obtain prior written permission from the landowner and submit a copy to NEPR clearly stating the date, time, and road(s) that you have permission to use.  The landowners reserve to right to set conditions on said use which may include a road use fee or actual denial of access.

Event Support:

The New England Forest Rally is conducted by and for the many competitors and volunteer workers.  The NEFR depends upon entry fees and sponsors to cover the costs.  Volunteers give their time so competitors will have a rally in which to compete.

NEPR has developed a number of marketing programs available to competitors and/or their sponsors.  Note that these packages, when sold by the competitor, all contain the competitor’s entry fee.  These opportunities are all contained in the document entitled “NEFR Sponsorship Support Packages.”

For a copy of this document and for more details, please contact:

Karl Stone             


General Information:

Rally Headquarters: Sunday River Resort, Newry, ME

For lodging accommodation click here

Things to do:  There are many activities in the Sunday River area, such as the VIP bus to viewing sites on the stages; rafting; moose tours; golf; dining, etc.  Check out the Area Tourism Info section for more details

VIP Bus:  Our VIP Program has buses that take people out to special viewing area of the NEFR and also serve a wonderful lunch.   These VIP buses offer many special amenities.  For details and cost click here.

Rally Village:   Located at Sunday River’s South Ridge Parking lot is a “RALLY VILLAGE”.  This RALLY VILLAGE is right in the middle of all NEFR activities at Sunday River.  This is the perfect place for you and your sponsors to promote your products.  Details and cost will be posted soon!


Entry Fee Schedule: 


Early Entry (Completed entry & proper fees received by June 30, 2017)

New England Forest National                                             $1300              

NEFR National and Regional Combined                        $1500

Regional                                                                                      $700              



Regular Entry Fee (Entries received from July 1-16, 2017)         

New England Forest National                                            $1500              

NEFR National and Regional Combined                        $1500

Regional                                                                                      $800


Late Entry Fee (Entries received after July 16, 2017)         

New England Forest National                                            $1600              

NEFR National and Regional Combined                        $1600

Regional                                                                                      $850  

                       Stage Notes (Second clean set by request)  Included in Entry Fee 

                       Recce Included in Entry Fee

If you prefer to pay by check, please make payable to “New England Performance Rally, LLC” and mail to:  NEPR, LLC, 178 Miller Road, Dalton, NH 03598.

Refund Policy:

  1. A request for a scratch refund must be received by NEPR, LLC in writing prior to the opening of registration on Thursday, July 120, 2017.
  2. There will be no refunds for any entry that has participated in any portion of the rally.
  3. The NEPR reserves the right to make partial refunds for proven special circumstances.

All entries, both National and Regional, must complete registration and tech at the prescribed times.  If you are only entered in the National or Friday Regional and you DNF Friday night, you will be allowed to restart on Saturday, by reporting to registration at (6-7am Sat) and paying any appropriate fees.

SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS before the event and the RESULTS following the event will only be available at the NEFR web site; if competitors do not have access to the Internet, a ‘hardcopy’ may be requested from the registrar.  Maps of the general layout of the SUNDAY RIVER – ERROL areas will be available on the web and the NEFR website.

We understand that most competitors come to a rally, not only to race, but to enjoy the competition and the involvement in one of the most exciting of all motorsports.  To this end, we have structured the course, event locations, time schedule, parties, etc. in a competitor-friendly manner.

Schedule:  (2017 Schedule TBD)




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